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big performance in a small package

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BIG performance in a small package

October 10, 2011

Tags: Airplanes   Electric   Family Fun   Parkzone   RC Airplanes   Ultra Micro  

We recently recieved a Parkzone Ultra Micro Pole Cat demo. Instead of having one  of us try it out,  we thought it would be fun to ask a customer to play with it and give us some feedback. The following review was done by longtime customer and friend, Scott Coker. Thanks Scott!
I recently had an opportunity to check out the new ParkZone Pole Cat & would like to share my comments. First of all this thing is ready to fly out of the box once you charge that little battery (which only takes about 10 minutes). Binding it to your 2.4 GHz transmitter is very simple taking only a minute to complete. Don't throw away the box on this little speedster because it makes a good protective case for transportation to the flying site. The initial test flight went very well with the Pole Cat flying straight & true; no trim was required at all. It is an ultra micro so you need to keep it fairly close, as it can get away from you pretty quick making it hard to tell it's orientation. Flying around at half throttle gives you a good feel of its performance & full throttle means it's time to race! Roll rate is good & aerobatics are able to be performed with ease. This airplane can be flown in small areas but is for intermediate R/C pilots with some experience in small electrics. Appearance is cool & quality is top notch. Overall I would say that this is definitely worth it's price which is $99. Go pick you one up & test it for yourself.