Staff Picks

Ryan:About Ryan
26-Aug-2011 Blade MCP X One of my favorite products in the store right now is the Blade MCP X. It flys great! The Mcp X is durable and economical for those pilots wanting master aerobatics without destroying their machine. The MCP X uses an integrated Flybarless system, this gets the heli up in the air without a mechanical.. ... More Info
Chris:About Chris
29-Jul-2011 P-51D Mustang BNF Basic with AS3X® Technology My favorite product right now is the P-51D Mustang. The P-51D has all the scale looks from the fighter pilot to the WWII paint scheme. This plane is even set up with retracts and flaps pre installed. The foam construction of this plane also makes for easy and cost effective repair which means you.. ... More Info
Ben:About Ben
28-Aug-2011 Phoenix Flight Simulator My favorite product in the store right now is the Phoenix Flight Simulator with the DX5E. It is great tool for beginners learning how to fly RC planes and helicopters. Once you’ve mastered flying on screen, you can use your DX5e to fly the real aircraft you’ve been practicing with. Pract.. ... More Info
Melissa:About Melissa
26-Aug-2011 Rubber Band Guns We have rubber band guns for boys pretending they are cowboys, soldiers, police, hunters, and much more. All of our rubber band guns can hold up to 12 rubber bands at a time, are excellent representations of actual guns, and made in the USA. They make great gifts! .. ... More Info
Jeremy:About Jeremy
26-Aug-2011 Losi Ten T Truggy The Losi Ten T truggy packs a lot of features in an affordable package. It’s one of the most innovative RC trucks on the markets right now with its on board starting system and real time telemetry. How cool is it that you can look down at your remote and know how fast your truck is going, what.. ... More Info